The only frictionless Crypto Travel Rule compliance solution

What is the Crypto Travel Rule and why the Sunrise Issue matters

Secure and Uninterrupted Customer Experience Guaranteed


Enables discovery of counterparty VASPs and their addresses without the need for the user information

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The Go-to Travel Rule Solution of the crypto world’s leading VASPs

Our strong partnerships and relationships across the world are what make Veriscope the global force for blockchain compliance.


Setting the highest standard for crypto Travel Rule compliance

Frictionless Customer Experience

Automated and accurate detection of beneficiary VASP details directly from the beneficiary’s wallet address.

Secure PII

VASP to VASP transfer of PII. No storing of PII by Versicope.

Securing to prevent data mining of your customer PII.

Historic Transaction Lookback

Permit lookbacks on any transaction of VASP broadcast to Veriscope before date integration (“Sunrise Issue”).
Transaction broadcasts are immutable.

Robust Counterparty Due Diligence

Due diligence to internationally recognised standards, and attestation by DLA Piper.
Selecting counterparty based on jurisdiction, license, and / or due diligence.

Majority of Transaction Flow

VASPs responsible for over 60% of global transaction flow already evaluating or integrating Veriscope.
Unparalleled support and industry alignment.

Future Proof, Open Technology

Decentralised and ready for next generation VASPs (eg. DeFi)

Built by VASPs, for VASPs.

Pay-As-You-Go Model

No set-up fees
No minimum charges
No ongoing licensing
Pay only per transaction
Consistently low transaction fees.


Integration with other Travel Rule protocols.

Integration with third party service providers to provide all-in-one solution.