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Working at Shyft Network means to work with and learn from leading experts and pioneers of the crypto industry. Focused on solving complex problems to facilitate crypto adoption and operate with a decentralized ethos. With talent from around the world, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer competitive pay, with a flexible work-from-anywhere culture.

We offer our team members a number of wellness perks, along with lunch and learns from experts in and around the field of blockchain, capital markets, DeFi, cryptography and more. We are a lean and agile team, focused on data-driven results in an extremely fast paced industry. If you are ready to pioneer a first-of-its-kind solution and create systems that Shyft the world. Join us.

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Our Mission

After decades of unbridled enthusiasm and rapid expansion, enveloping us all unlike anything in human history, citizens of the world are losing trust in their digitally connected communities, culture and commerce.

Despite promising to be the answer to several critical challenges, digital networking has in fact proven to be vulnerable to corruption, manipulation, security breeches, greed, and worse.

This has created one of the great paradoxes of our time: people of the world* are both distrustful, and increasingly dependent on digital network technology.

Our Role

Shyft Network finds its inspiration in the simplicity of a handshake. Rooted in a sacred bond of trust established thousands of years ago at the dawn of human prosperity, it's a gesture that connects information between groups transparently, without manipulation, malice, or misrepresentation. Unlike a handshake, however, the Shyft network can scale infinitely to meet a multitude of circumstances in today's always evolving world.

With its patented security features, Shyft identifies malicious intent almost instantly, redirecting culprits into a paradox trap, i.e. the stronger the attack gets, the more secure the data becomes. In the meantime, the blockchain-based network secures data consolidation through redistribution.The Shyft Network, powered by blockchain technology, assures the data is secured and networked exactly as intended.

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