The creditability network for the entire global economy.

Cybersecurity breaches and theft of sensitive personal data has reached epidemic proportions. How can you protect your company and your customers?

The way we think about identity is wrong; Shyft is the solution.


Identity verification shouldn’t come with the risk of data compromise and extreme costs.

Shyft's blockchain-based network is building unbreachable data protection for industry, governments, and consumers, setting new standards for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance—all while reducing the cost of verification.

Shyft's distributed blockchain-based network offers data consolidation through decentralization.


The Shyft Network standardizes the KYC/AML verification process, while providing the highest level of personal data protection for businesses and consumers.

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Shyft benefits financial, government, and regulatory bodies, and every entity concerned with proving, protecting, securing, and providing KYC/AML.

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