Unleashing Trust, Identity and Credibility networks for humanity.

Shyft is a decentralized network of networks, enabling anyone to develop applications and infrastructure for global citizenship. Shyft is powering the evolution towards Humanity 2.0 by ushering in Web 3.0.

We bridge the old world foundations with the new, creating a paradigm shyft of universal accessibility.

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Network Protocol

Shyft is a blockchain-powered network designed to aggregate all existing protocols, with the ultimate goal of acting as a universal layer to join disparate ecosystems.

Ultimately, Shyft has the power to bridge legacy and future technologies to scale online interactions based on immutable, verifiable trust.

The strength of Shyft is in the strength of all networks.

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Network Principles

01. Shyft does not store sensitive user data on-chain.

All sensitive user data remains stored at the institutional level; only encrypted metadata is stored on-chain.

02. Data has value and users deserve to be compensated for sharing it.

Shyft users who provide data to service providers on the network can be rewarded for their data consent.

03. Nothing happens without consent.

Shyft operates on a strict opt-in user consent framework, giving you granular, accessible control over what you share, with whom, and for what purpose. The owner of data is always in control.

04. Security isn’t just about good defense and damage control.

Data leaks and hacks are now an almost daily occurrence; Shyft’s proactive security features are designed to detect and deter threats before the network is ever compromised.

The Story of Trust Online

Online communication and commerce has evolved dramatically since the dawn of the web, but no one has been able to solve the fundamental lack of verifiable trust online at scale — until now.

01. The Beginning

In the early days of the internet, the ability to verify credentials wasn’t possible. At that point in time, it was very difficult to verify a party; if you claimed you were someone, nobody could truly prove otherwise.

02. Light Verification

As users started to come online, the username/password system was devised to secure email and other online services. This centralized approach enabled trivial attack vectors, resulting in many compromised accounts.

03. The Rise of ID Managers

Major institutions like Google and Facebook began offering one-click authentication. This approach reduced on-boarding friction, however, this technology was not widely adopted.

04. Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin launched as a new, scalable and secure protocol that enabled financial transfers in a decentralized way. Bitcoin’s protocol has inspired a new generation of decentralized systems, including Shyft.

05. Shyft Technology

Shyft is a combination of blockchain and security technology that enables trust between two parties.

Shyft enables the next evolutionary step in online trust. The platform provides users and organizations with protocols that support the sharing of encrypted and verified data.

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