Identity, Ownership, and Credibility.

Shyft is a global decentralized network that enables any organization, institution, and individual to prove and verify identity credentials, ownership rights, and credibility between counterparties in real-time and at scale.

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What is Shyft?

Shyft is building a Proof of Sender Protocol.

Shyft’s proof-of-sender protocol can support a large number of sender attributes. How do you go about verifying the authenticity of messages? Shyft has built a general purpose protocol that:

Allow senders to verify they are the owners of their messages.

Allows for secure message transmission and monetization.

Allows recipients to verify sender messages and generate trust.


Messages from senders serve as information to verify their identity and credibility. In order to trust messages, to trust anyone and anything online, tools are needed to verify who these “senders” are.


Trust can be unlocked by bridging the information gap between the Senders and Receivers. Shyft has built an ecosystem that allows Senders to send and verify messages tied to any number of unique and private identifiers, privileges, or anything of reputational value.

Trust Generation

Shyft’s credential verification platform enables individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments to scale and share verified data, improve fraud detection, and streamline compliance with users’ consent.

Network Protocol.

The Network protocol is capable of supporting whatever you need to do online - send value, share information or access an online service.

Shyft provides the framework ensuring that both you and the receiving party are able to verify and fulfill the terms of the interaction, for example, KYC/AML requirements, or other requirements needed for that transaction to occur safely.

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  • 01. Shyft does not store sensitive user data on-chain.

    All sensitive user data remains stored at the institutional level; only encrypted metadata is stored on-chain.

  • 02. Data has value and users deserve to be compensated for sharing it.

    Shyft users who provide data to service providers on the network can be rewarded for their data consent.

  • 03. Nothing happens without consent.

    Shyft operates on a strict opt-in user consent framework, giving you granular, accessible control over what you share, with whom, and for what purpose. The owner of data is always in control.

  • 04. Security isn’t just about good defense and damage control.

    Data leaks and hacks are now an almost daily occurrence; Shyft’s proactive security features are designed to detect and deter threats before the network is ever compromised.

History of Internet Trust.

Online communication and commerce has evolved dramatically since the dawn of the web, but no one has been able to solve the fundamental lack of verifiable trust online at scale — this simply hasn’t been possible until now.

01. The Beginning

In the early days of the internet, the ability to verify credentials wasn’t possible. At that point in time, it was very difficult to verify a party; if you claimed you were someone, nobody could truly prove otherwise.

02. Light Verification

As users started to come online, the username/password system was devised to secure email and other online services. This centralized approach enabled trivial attack vectors, resulting in many compromised accounts.

03. The Rise of ID Managers

Major institutions like Google and Facebook began offering one-click authentication. This approach reduced on-boarding friction, however, this technology was not widely adopted.

04. Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin launched as a new, scalable and secure protocol that enabled financial transfers in a decentralized way. Bitcoin’s protocol has inspired a new generation of decentralized systems, including Shyft.

05. Shyft Technology

Shyft is a combination of blockchain and security technology that enables trust between two parties.

Shyft enables the next evolutionary step in online trust. The platform provides users and organizations with protocols that support the sharing of encrypted and verified data.

Shyft Partners.

Shyft works with partners across public and private sectors, individuals from various industries and governments around the world.

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