April 19, 2023

Veriscope Infrastructure as Code: Streamlining Server Deployment

Veriscope Infrastructure as Code: Streamlining Server Deployment

We are excited to announce the release of Veriscope Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to streamline the Veriscope server deployment process. 

By seamlessly integrating with popular platforms and tools like AWS, Terraform, and Ansible, Veriscope IaC allows VASPs to quickly and easily incorporate them into their existing pipeline. 

It further enables VASPs to use alternative cloud platforms and automation tools of their choice, like Alibaba Cloud, Azure, GCP, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, and more. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Veriscope IaC

Veriscope IaC is designed to provide a smooth deployment experience, from setup to usage. And by following this guide, VASPs will have a Veriscope Server deployed and ready for action in no time.

Also, Shyft Network operates Veriscope Servers for internal users, such as collaborators and employees. Hence, if you are an internal user seeking to run a Veriscope instance, request a Bastion machine created in your name. 

Follow the README provided for requesting, configuring, and accessing your Bastion. Click here for more details. 

Diving Into Veriscope IaC

The Veriscope repo contains the Veriscope IaC in the "infra" folder:







Support for Multiple Environments

Veriscope IaC supports four distinct environments:

  • test
  • dev (e.g., to connect to Shyft Network veriscope_testnet chain)
  • staging
  • prod (e.g., to connect to Shyft Network fed_mainnet chain)

Each environment represents a logical separation of infrastructure for different purposes and can be hosted in its own AWS accounts or in the same AWS account.

The Veriscope IaC Workflow

Here's an overview of the Veriscope IaC deployment process:

However, VASPs can Skip directly to "Provision a Veriscope Server" if their cloud environment and base infrastructure are already in place.

Getting Started with Veriscope IaC

Before deploying Veriscope IaC, VASPs must ensure that they have completed the following prerequisites:

With the release of Veriscope Infrastructure as Code, the  deployment process will now become a lot smoother, more streamlined, more efficient, and hassle-free.


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