October 18, 2023

Shyft Dev Deep Dive - September 2023

Shyft Dev Deep Dive - September 2023

Welcome back to another edition of Shyft Dev Deep Dive, the go-to source for the most current tech developments and updates across the Shyft ecosystem.

In September, our focus remained consistently on User Signing for Private Wallets, an extension of our August endeavors.

So, let's dive in. But as always, for any inquiries or a demo request, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

User Signing for Private Wallets

We made further advancements with our User Signing feature, tailored for seamless Travel Rule transfers to and from private, unhosted wallets. 

Once implemented, Shyft Veriscope will emerge as the definitive Travel Rule compliance solution, addressing crypto transfers regardless of the wallet's nature, be it hosted or unhosted.

Several VASPs are also testing Veriscope and is in various stages of integration. We will announce their status as they become fully operational.

What Lies Ahead

As we gear up for the imminent beta release of User Signing, our sights remain set on pioneering a comprehensive Travel Rule Solution that aligns with the industry's evolving needs.

Concluding Thoughts

The Product & Engineering team maintains an unwavering commitment to you, our valued users, ensuring the best experience in the blockchain domain.

For specific inquiries or details on the Veriscope Roadmap, contact us at v[email protected]. Our Change Log also provides updates at Shyft Veriscope Change Log.

That's it for this edition. We will be back again next month to shed light on newer dimensions of Shyft Veriscope's developmental journey.


Shyft Network powers trust on the blockchain and economies of trust. It is a public protocol designed to drive data discoverability and compliance into blockchain while preserving privacy and sovereignty. SHFT is its native token and fuel of the network.

Shyft Network facilitates the transfer of verifiable data between centralized and decentralized ecosystems. It sets the highest crypto compliance standard and provides the only frictionless Crypto Travel Rule compliance solution while ensuring user data is protected.

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