November 9, 2023

Five Must-Have Attributes for Your Travel Rule Solution

Five Must-Have Attributes for Your Travel Rule Solution

The FATF Travel Rule requires VASPs, including crypto exchanges, digital wallets, custodial services, etc., to exchange specific customer data when transacting crypto assets above a predefined threshold. 

As more countries implement the Travel Rule, the onus is on VASPs to adopt solutions that adeptly manage detailed customer information exchanges—without slowing down transactions or infringing on user privacy. It's a delicate balance, and the right solution must navigate these requirements deftly. 

This article will unpack the core attributes these solutions should have to equip VASPs for compliance in a way that aligns with the fast-moving nature of the digital asset industry.

Easy Integration

Travel Rule solutions must have a straightforward integration process within the diverse technological setups of VASPs. They should offer plug-and-play capabilities that require minimal adjustments to existing infrastructure, ensuring that different data formats, tech stacks, or protocols are harmonized effortlessly. Their aim should be to help VASPs meet their compliance obligations without the burden of significant system overhauls or operational downtime.

Highest Security and Encryption Standards

Travel Rule Compliance Solutions must empower VASPs to efficiently manage transactions with counterparts, in line with FATF Recommendation 16. These solutions must protect sensitive exchanged information with the highest security standards, prioritizing data safety. 

Robust data security and encryption protocols are not just beneficial but essential to prevent breaches. Secure data transmission channels are equally crucial to safeguard user information from unauthorized access. 

This is why leading Travel Rule Solutions incorporate stringent security practices, including sophisticated encryption and secure data transmission channels. They equip users with robust control over data exchanges, allowing for the approval or denial of transfer requests, thereby safeguarding customer data with the highest level of security.


There are several Travel Rule Protocols worldwide, with differing approaches to collecting Originator and Beneficiary information and how they handle transactions with self-hosted wallets. Interoperability within Travel Rule Compliance Solutions is essential in bridging these differences, enabling secure and efficient information exchange.

That’s where Shyft Veriscope comes into the picture, as its approach to interoperability directly addresses the fragmented nature of global Travel Rule Protocols. By integrating with various Travel Rule Solutions and blockchain analytics providers, Shyft Veriscope creates a network that supports diverse fund-transfer thresholds and the intricate requirements for Originator and Beneficiary information. 


Automation is a critical component of an effective Travel Rule solution. It streamlines processes, reduces the potential for human error, and speeds up the identification and verification of VASPs at an entity level. An automated system supports real-time discovery and confirmation of counterparty entities, essential for maintaining compliance and operational efficiency.

Shyft Veriscope's capabilities exemplify this automated approach. By utilizing just the crypto wallet address, Shyft Veriscope's system can automatically detect counterparty VASPs in real time, negating the need for manual entry of additional information or the publication of wallet addresses by VASPs. This not only simplifies the process but also enhances security and privacy.

Additionally, Shyft Veriscope's automated address proofing validates the accuracy of the VASP identified, mitigating the risk of data breaches due to incorrect data sharing. This system provides a reliable framework for the identification of counterparties, respecting both legal entity and jurisdictional considerations. 

Dealing With Sunrise Issues Effectively

The "Sunrise Issue" refers to the staggered global implementation of the Travel Rule. Since countries adopt the FATF's Travel Rule at different times, VASPs in jurisdictions where the rule is already enforced may need to exchange information with VASPs in places where it’s not required yet. This time lag creates a challenge: how to ensure compliance when not all parties are subject to the same regulations at the same time.

Shyft Veriscope addresses the Sunrise Issue with its innovative "historic look back" capability. This feature allows VASPs to comply retroactively by obtaining transaction information even if it occurred before the counterparty had implemented a Travel Rule solution. When a new VASP joins Veriscope, it can respond to past information requests, thus ensuring compliance continuity. This solution not only bridges the compliance timing gap but also facilitates a seamless transition as new jurisdictions come online with the Travel Rule, maintaining the integrity of the global VASP network. 

Concluding Thoughts

The right Travel Rule solution blends simplicity, security, adaptability, and foresight. It should effortlessly merge with existing systems, uphold the strictest security, ensure seamless communication across global protocols, automate complex processes, and skillfully handle the staggered adoption of regulations worldwide. Shyft Veriscope rises to these challenges, providing VASPs with a forward-thinking compliance partner as dynamic as the industry.


VASPs need a Travel Rule Solution to comply with the FATF Travel Rule. Have you zeroed in on it yet? Check out Veriscope, the only frictionless crypto Travel Rule compliance solution. 

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