November 1, 2023

Best Travel Rule Solutions for VASPs: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis

Best Travel Rule Solutions for VASPs: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis

With more and more countries implementing the FATF Travel Rule, it has become crucial to be prepared and choose a Travel Rule Solution that can meet all your needs. But that is easier said than done, as there are several Travel Rule Solutions available in the market today, each with its specific set of features and functionalities.  

In this analysis, we will juxtapose Veriscope's features against other notable solutions in the market to provide a clearer picture of where each stands in addressing the challenges and needs of VASPs concerning Travel Rule compliance.


While Veriscope, Sygna, and TRUST all champion a decentralized approach, it's Veriscope's commitment to decentralization that truly stands out. By ensuring that its operations aren't tied to a single point, Veriscope minimizes vulnerabilities and ensures data integrity

This decentralized foundation, when combined with its other robust features, positions Veriscope as a holistic solution in a decentralized ecosystem.

No Centralized Storage of PII

Veriscope, along with OpenVASP, VerifyVasp, TRP, TransactID, and Trust, places a high emphasis on user privacy

After all, in a world where data is the new gold, the decentralized storage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) becomes pivotal. And by ensuring PII isn't stored centrally, Veriscope greatly reduces the risks of data breaches, guaranteeing users a safer environment for their data.

Open Source

Veriscope and TransactID have embraced the open-source model, a testament to their commitment to transparency and innovation. 

This makes a big difference, as open-source platforms invite collective intelligence, allowing a community of developers to contribute, detect vulnerabilities, and enhance the system. It also ensures the platform remains up-to-date and robust against evolving threats.

Automatic Counterparty VASP Discovery

Veriscope and TRUST take user experience up a notch with their automatic counterparty VASP discovery feature

This automation simplifies processes, reducing the need for manual lookups. For businesses and individuals, this means faster, more efficient transactions without the hassle of manual interventions.

Secure P2P PII Transmission

Among the available Travel Rule Solutions, Veriscope, VerifyVasp, and TransactID prioritize the secure transmission of PII between peers. This is vital in ensuring that personal data remains confidential during transit and is not vulnerable to malicious interceptions or unauthorized access.

Robust Counterparty Due Diligence

Both Veriscope and TRUST excel in performing thorough due diligence on counterparties. This rigorous process ensures that interactions are made with verified entities, minimizing the risks of fraud and enhancing the overall security of transactions.

Pay-as-you-go Model 

Veriscope is the only Travel Rule Solution that offers a pay-as-you-go model, a feature that is both cost-effective and flexible. Instead of being tied down to long-term commitments, VASPs have the flexibility to pay for only what they use, making it an economical choice.


Veriscope, along with OpenVASP, NotaBene, Sygna, and TRISA, emphasizes interoperability. 

In an industry where systems need to communicate and integrate seamlessly, this feature ensures that Veriscope can work in tandem with various other platforms, ensuring flexibility and broader usability.

Historic Transaction Lookback

Veriscope’s historic transaction lookback feature is the only one of its kind among the Travel Rule Solutions. 

This is how it works: when VASPs integrate with the Veriscope network, they are not only positioned to receive current but also historical Travel Rule requests. This ensures that VASPs maintain continuous compliance, regardless of when their partnering VASPs began complying with the FATF Travel Rule or their location globally.

As such, it confirms transactions right from the beginning and provides VASPs with the opportunity to produce any required records afterward, ensuring everyone adheres to the FATF Travel Rule.

User Signing (Non-Custodial Wallet Signing):

Veriscope is the only Travel Rule Solution that offers user signing for non-custodial wallets. This feature positions Veriscope as the definitive solution for Travel Rule compliance.

Address Proofs (Custodial Wallets):

Veriscope stands out with its address proofs for custodial wallets. This feature confirms that VASPs truly control the crypto addresses they claim, ensuring accurate data exchange for Travel Rule compliance. It shows that Veriscope emphasizes both user security and operational efficiency.

Concluding Thoughts

The ultimate choice isn't about simply selecting the Travel Rule Solution with the most features, but rather, one that aligns with specific VASP needs—whether it's decentralization, secure PII storage, or flexible payment models. As this analysis has highlighted, understanding each solution's nuances can guide VASPs toward making informed decisions. 

The right Travel Rule solution will allow VASPs to satisfy regulatory obligations while operating effectively within their unique constraints. With the regulatory landscape continuing to evolve, taking the time now to thoroughly assess and identify the optimal Travel Rule solution will establish a strong foundation for success in the approaching compliant future.


VASPs need a Travel Rule Solution to comply with the FATF Travel Rule. Have you zeroed in on it yet? Check out Veriscope, the only frictionless crypto Travel Rule compliance solution. 

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