July 3, 2023

Addressing the new FATF Report: Shyft Veriscope Solving the Travel Rule Challenges Like No Other

Addressing the new FATF Report: Shyft Veriscope Solving the Travel Rule Challenges Like No Other
  • The recent FATF report identifies significant issues with most Travel Rule solutions, particularly their difficulty in capturing and relaying data in real-time and their limited scope that cannot accommodate the full range of digital assets.
  • The FATF report also highlights the lack of interoperability among various Travel Rule solutions, leading to operational complexities and increased compliance costs for VASPs.
  • Shyft Veriscope, an advanced Travel Rule solution, addresses these challenges through automated detection, comprehensive data retention, and strategic interoperability with other solutions for effective global compliance.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, regulatory compliance is both a central focus and a complex challenge. As Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) strive to keep pace with these developments, they also have to grapple with the intricacies of global standards. This struggle highlights the delicate equilibrium between innovation and regulation in this evolving domain.

One such standard is the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) Travel Rule, which poses a unique set of challenges that VASPs must address effectively.

The FATF Travel Rule, whose intended goal is to instill transparency in virtual asset transactions, requires VASPs to gather and share specific user information about transactions. And although the principle behind the rule is simple - greater transparency leads to greater security - putting this into practice while preserving the blockchain privacy ethos, presents a substantial challenge.

Various solutions have surfaced in the market to address these challenges, assisting VASPs in the multifaceted task of gathering, storing, and sharing the necessary user information for Travel Rule compliance. Yet, even with these existing tools at hand, the recent FATF report underscores critical issues prevalent in many of these solutions, some of which are deeply rooted in the fundamental nature of cryptocurrencies.

The Issues With Most Travel Rule Solutions

The FATF report notes that given the speed and scope of digital asset transactions, existing solutions may struggle to capture and relay information in real-time. Furthermore, these solutions might not be able to retain transmitted data adequately, making record-keeping and transaction monitoring a difficult task.

Another issue with most Travel Rule solutions, as pointed out in the FATF report, is their limited scope. As such, virtual assets encompass a broad spectrum of digital currencies and tokens, and not all solutions can accommodate the full range of these assets. This lack of comprehensive coverage leads to gaps in compliance, making it challenging for VASPs to adhere to FATF standards fully.

The report also highlights the pressing issue of interoperability: the ability of various Travel Rule Solutions to work in unison. It noted that many Travel Rule Solutions operate in isolation, hindering a streamlined approach to compliance across different platforms and jurisdictions. This lack of integration contributes to operational complexity, ultimately driving up compliance costs for VASPs.

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Given these challenges, the FATF has presented a series of questions that VASPs must consider when choosing a Travel Rule solution. These include understanding the timing and scope of data submission, methods of counterparty identification, due diligence procedures, and data retention capabilities. Each of these factors plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with the Travel Rule, thereby helping VASPs operate securely and transparently.

Navigating the world of Travel Rule compliance is no simple task, but it is a necessary one. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to mature, compliance will become an increasingly significant marker of a VASP's credibility and success. Understanding the intricacies of the FATF's Travel Rule and choosing a comprehensive, interoperable solution will be key in this endeavor.

The Solution? Shyft Veriscope 

In the context of the FATF outlined challenges, Shyft Veriscope comes as the only one that successfully addresses all of them and even more - it is the only frictionless Travel Rule solution in the blockchain space. 

Let’s dive deeper into how Shyft Veriscope distinguishes itself in the crowded space of Travel Rule solutions. Beyond the basic criteria of compliance, it provides a level of sophistication and automation that other solutions fail to match. 

Veriscope’s distinct set of features not only address the immediate concerns highlighted by the FATF but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities in the digital assets space. 

Here’s a closer look at the differentiating aspects of Shyft Veriscope and how they seamlessly tackle the complex requirements of the FATF Travel Rule, making it the go-to solution for VASPs.

Fully Automated

One of the key issues identified by the FATF report is the lack of an automated system for VASP discovery at an entity level. However, unlike most existing solutions, Shyft Veriscope enables VASPs to auto-detect counterparty VASPs in real-time using just the crypto wallet address. This eliminates the need for users to input additional information or VASPs to publicize their wallet addresses.

Moreover, Shyft Veriscope’s automated address proofing ensures the accuracy of the identified VASP, thereby reducing the risk of accidental data breaches. It also provides a robust framework for VASPs to reliably identify counterparty VASPs at a legal entity/jurisdiction level, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their risk-based approach.

Data Retention and Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to real-time detection, Shyft Veriscope facilitates comprehensive data retention, which is critical for record-keeping or transaction monitoring purposes, in line with the FATF guidelines. It enables VASPs to 'hold' originator and beneficiary information on their own servers rather than on third-party ones, making this information available upon request to the appropriate authorities.

Shyft Veriscope can also handle transactions involving all types of virtual assets and transactions of any amount. This broad capability supports the FATF requirement that accurate information must be transmitted for transactions over USD/EUR 1000 involving any type of VA or fiat currency. 

This is an important feature, as the FATF guidelines permit individual jurisdictions to set their own minimum thresholds. For instance, Japan has set a higher threshold of $3000 at which the FATF Travel Rule is triggered. 

Despite these variances, Shyft Veriscope is equipped to adapt and comply with the unique regulations of each jurisdiction, demonstrating its global relevance and applicability.

Peer-to-Peer Data Transfers

Shyft Veriscope doesn't stop there. Recognizing the lack of a standardized framework for secure data transfers between VASPs, Shyft Network has engineered a mechanism for peer-to-peer, VASP-to-VASP data sharing. 

This ensures that user data is transferred securely, with no third-party servers involved, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or wide-scale data breaches

It also fully complies with major data privacy laws such as the GDPR, reinforcing its commitment to user privacy. However, addressing the challenges of the present is only half the battle. 


In a landscape as dynamic as the virtual assets industry, preparing for the future is equally crucial. This is where Shyft Veriscope's strategic approach to interoperability takes center stage.

Recognizing the barriers that lack of cross-system collaboration can erect, Shyft Veriscope has entered into strategic partnerships with various Travel Rule Solutions and blockchain analytics providers, including Sygna, Notabene, Crystal Blockchain, and Coinfirm, among others.

By facilitating seamless interactions between diverse solutions, Shyft Veriscope is fostering a truly global network of compliant VASPs. These partnerships embody the spirit of interoperability that is integral to a comprehensive compliance solution.

Sunrise Issue: A Major Challenge and Shyft Veriscope's Innovative Solution

Shining a light on a critical obstacle addressed in the FATF report, we now turn our attention to what's widely known as the "Sunrise Issue."

While the sunrise symbolizes a new day, ushering in light and clarity, in the world of virtual asset service providers (VASPs), the "Sunrise Issue" brings about more shadows than light. This issue essentially stems from the diverse timelines adopted by different jurisdictions for implementing the FATF's Travel Rule, and the resultant compliance chaos it creates in an inherently borderless and international virtual asset landscape.

VASPs in jurisdictions where the Travel Rule has been adopted - referred to as “sunrise jurisdictions” - grapple with immense challenges when executing transactions with VASPs in “non-sunrise jurisdictions.” These are jurisdictions that have not yet enforced the Travel Rule. 

This creates an asymmetry, as one VASP may be legally required to collect and transmit specific customer information while the other might not, impairing the ability of the former to execute transactions in a fully compliant manner.

The Sunrise Issue brings to light a key question: How can a VASP in a sunrise jurisdiction remain compliant while transacting with a VASP in a non-sunrise jurisdiction? Well, the key to solve this issue is Shyft Veriscope. 

How Shyft Veriscope Solves the Sunrise Issue?

Utilizing an approach known as "historic lookback," Veriscope enables VASPs to retrieve information on any transaction, regardless of when it occurred, even if the receiving VASP hadn't implemented a Travel Rule solution at the time of the transaction.

When a VASP joins the network, it can receive historical requests and respond with the necessary information. This feature allows VASPs to be compliant when processing transactions, no matter when their counterparty VASPs begin using a Travel Rule solution or where they operate across the world.

Veriscope's approach to resolving the Sunrise Issue is akin to enabling someone to see and appreciate a sunrise, even if they weren't awake when it happened. It does this by allowing transactions to occur based on the sender's timeline and then retroactively generating the supporting material that shows the receiver is compliant when they 'wake up' to their Travel Rule obligations.

Overall, Shyft Network's innovative approach to Travel Rule compliance builds on the principles of privacy, security, and AML, aligning with the decentralized ethos of cryptocurrencies. 

By presenting a comprehensive solution to the problems VASPs face in implementing the FATF Travel Rule, Shyft Veriscope proves to be more than just a compliance tool – it's a step towards a safer and more secure future for the virtual asset ecosystem.


VASPs need a Travel Rule Solution to comply with the FATF Travel Rule. Have you zeroed in on it yet? Check out Veriscope, the only frictionless crypto Travel Rule compliance solution. 

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