Building trust into data for the future of blockchain compliance

The Shyft Network is a public protocol designed to validate identity and power compliance directly into blockchain data. By facilitating the transfer of verifiable data between centralized and decentralized ecosystems, Shyft Network delivers meaningful user information that institutions can utilize to secure cryptocurrency while maintaining privacy.


Powerful features keeping you and your data safe and private


Shyft Network enables the next step in the evolution of online trust by applying consent frameworks and codified rules of engagement to digital ecosystems.


Data leaks and hacks are now an almost daily occurrence. Shyft’s proactive security features are designed to detect and deter threats before the network is ever compromised through the bridge watcher system.


Shyft operates on a strict opt-in user consent framework, offering granular, accessible control over what is shared, with whom, and for what purpose. The owner of the data always has visibility and is always in control.


Our team is comprised of global industry leaders. The Shyft Network core team is responsible for technical development of the network architecture, establishment of use cases for the network and for the SHFT token, and guiding the vision for network growth and development.


Shyft’s identity solution is most similarly described as an OAuth2-type interface for Web 2.0 and 3.0 applications with 2FA applications. It is enhanced in two specific methods; combining consent channels giving users control over data; and incentivized data exchange rails enabling counter-parties to negotiate exchange of information.


Every day, individuals are exploited for their digital data. Shyft Network will allow companies to request consent from their users before sharing personal data, in compliance with privacy standards such as GDPR, and submit incentivized requests for data to current and potential users.


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Shyft Network is made up small, senior teams of developers and visionaries. The best digital solutions are built by hands-on, multidisciplinary teams of experts with experience crafting products and deploying at scale.

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Many key network functions are regulated by a set of purpose-built Smart Contracts. For example, certain contracts facilitate KYC/AML checks, satisfying the needs of cross-jurisdictional regulators and required compliant entities.


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We successfully launched Shyft Network Mainnet in July 2021. Today, with over 40 exchanges and VASPs in various stages of Shyft Veriscope integration, we represent over 50% of global volume, surpassing 2.5M daily transactions.


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