The creditability network for the entire global economy.

A digital security hack epidemic is upon us. How many more consumer identities will be compromised in the next catastrophic breach?

The system is broken; Shyft is the solution.

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Identity verification shouldn’t come at a cost.

The Shyft Network’s primary purpose is to set a new standard in Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, reducing the cost of compliance while providing unbreachable personal data protection for consumers.

Shyft eliminates the need for centralized KYC data storage, by decentralizing consumers digital profiles so they are secure.


The Shyft Network standardizes the KYC verification process, while providing the highest level of personal data protection for consumers across the globe.

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Shyft benefits every entity concerned with proving, protecting, securing and providing KYC identity. This includes financial, government and regulatory bodies as well as end-user consumers.

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