Shyft is a global company.

We work with organizations and partners across public and private sectors, individuals from various businesses and industries while collaborating with governments to create change around the world.

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For those organizations looking to find a more cost and time efficient method to collecting and verifying data, the Shyft ecosystem enables access to all types of compliance-satisfying information for existing or prospective customers.

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For organizations that already hold compliant data, the Shyft ecosystem allows you to monetize that data and offset some of the extreme costs of data collection, storage and compliance.

The sharing of data can be based on your organization's needs - Shyft can provide the bridges that allow you to better share data, both internally and externally.

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Shyft Partners.

Shyft works with partners across public and private sectors, individuals from various industries and governments around the world.

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The Shyft ecosystem is rapidly growing. Shyft is committed to restoring trust in data, ensuring privacy with security.

Shyft is forming partnerships across public and private networks, sectors, and in a variety of industries.

For example, Shyft is working in collaboration with the government of Bermuda on its ambitious e-ID initiative to develop an identification system that can ultimately serve Bermudans and ultimately be applicable in other jurisdictions.

In the coming months, Shyft will be unveiling a token and wallet projects, which will feature innovative new ways to secure digital assets.

As Shyft continues to enlist new partners and Trust Anchors, as well as expanding its global reach, you can expect rapid growth in interactivity and interoperability.

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