What is Byfrost?

Byfrost is the bridging technology that sits at the heart of the Shyft Network. It monitors Network activity in vigilant search of malicious behavior, and has the ability to slow down or pause block validation if a serious threat, such as an attempted 51% attack is detected. It also facilitates interoperability with external networks.

On the road to Shyft Mainnet, Shyft has deployed Byfrost and its associated token BFST to showcase Shyft’s bridging cross-protocol functionality for asset transfers. Byfrost acts as both a gate and gatekeeper; ambassador and guardian.

What can Byfrost do?

  • On-chain asset custody and management
  • Enables the creation and routing of synthetic assets across multiple blockchains
  • Manages the Shyft KYC smart contracts utility, the Flight Deck
  • Bonds BFST ERC20 tokens to forthcoming Shyft (SHFT) native token
  • BFST converts any native assets to and from the BFST token ledger by using Byfrost

Road to Mainnet

Deployment of Shyft Mainnet

Neolithic Age

Shyft Alphanet

Middle Age

Ecosystem Expansion



What comes next?

The deployment of Byfrost, along with a limited number of BFST tokens being distributed to key developers, constitutes only the initial foundation of the network. The Alphanet and ultimately Mainnet releases of the Network will follow, including the launch of our Portal and Token Store.

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Shyft FAQs

What is Shyft?

Shyft is a global decentralized network that enables organizations, institutions, and individuals to prove and verify identity credentials, ownership rights, and credibility between counter parties in real-time and at scale. It’s built on a custom version of Ethereum we’ve specially optimized for our purposes.

What can I do with BFST?

BFST tokens are not currently being distributed for general use, but are provided to key developers to test the Shyft Network’s bridging capabilities and explore potential ​DApps​.

One area we are developing is the seamless use of synthetic assets across multiple chains.

Do I need to convert my BFST to Shyft native tokens SHFT?

BFST is intended primarily for use by the developer community, and once they are converted to SHFT they cannot be converted back. SHFT will act as the Network’s primary token once Mainnet has launched, so some users holding BFST will want to convert their holdings, but it will not be a requirement.

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