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Our team is comprised of global industry leaders.

Shyft International Team

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Our Global Advisors

"When I learned of Shyft’s vision to remove borders around personal identity using blockchain, I realized the full influence they will have on the whole global economy. To me, that is exciting."

"In my career KYC and AML are fundamental core problems across financial markets that no one has cracked and the one thing everyone needs."

"Europe's open banking experiment is showing that consumers will use hundreds of small specialized companies to complete everyday tasks that we today relay on integrated companies like banks to deliver. Shyft is the future developing the technology to allow these specialized companies to operate with trust at speed."

"Shyft is solving the most prominent problems that our industry is facing right now. Securing our identities on blockchain is a game changer."

"In a world where compliance and due diligence are instrumental to the success of any business, and where KYC procedures are often cumbersome, time consuming and inefficient, Shyft is able to deliver a trustworthy, resilient, expeditious, cost effective and accredited platform."

"I believe Shyft’s goal is to create a decentralized, blockchain-based KYC network, federating government and industry, to deliver a quantum gain in security, compliance and cost."

"A future where people are able to access best-in-class financial services with little to no friction for the purposes of commerce and trade, without being judged by their appearance, but rather their creditability."

"Whether Blockchain is revolutionary or not, depends on the how it is utilized as a technological solution and in which industry. Blockchain’s revolution is in its use cases rather than in the software code in which it has been written. I believe Shyft is utilizing Blockchain to create a powerful use case to solve the KYC/AML global problem."

"Shyft possesses many of the same functional aspects as Ethereum but Shyft brings the aspects of KYC and AML to the party which makes it compliant from a regulatory standpoint.

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